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Able to get beyond 5000 rows using UNX
Mar 9 2015
Data Connectivity

Design Studio being tool for executive dashboards and analysis, its usage is getting broader and more business processes and higher management hierarchies are leveraging it for intuitive insights into their data.

Currently there is a 5000 row limitation per query when the query is based on a UNX universe. This is a severe limitation on Design Studio usage. Numerous use cases exist across any industry that would require an application to be built in such a way that it renders 10k or more rows. Businesses with even looking at data at summarized level, most of the times exceed the 5000 row limit. This limit should be an optional restriction where the author/administrator can adjust the max rows based on their needs and the sizing on the platform could be achieved through scaling the Analysis Services as is done with any other content type.


In addition, using universe has inherited advantages in some complex environments where multiple departments/institutions have different data connection configurations. All the wonderful features that can be leveraged by using universe such as ease of query building, connection overloads, security management, object security, ease of maintenance of field changes etc. would be lost if universes can not be used just for this 5000 row limitation. Any other solution to circumvent this limit would be beyond any practical implementation value due to development time, processes as well as additional costs.


It also would help many organizations that currently use Universes as their business abstraction layer to continue that well established practice with maintenance standards in place already, and continue to use them (universes) for Design Studio also.

Other competitor solutions and products do not provide this restriction and SAP should look at following suit immediately.

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