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Replication of SNP Keyfigure Data alongwith attributes from APO to HANA

Hi Team,


We would like to extract order data from SNP planning book and would also like to see the order details like source, target, SNP planner, availability date etc. for those orders. Basically we want to have one report on HANA side which can show us the demand at Plants, DCs etc.


We are already using standard transaction /SAPAPO/REPL to replicate data from APO SNP to HANA via planning book/data view created for this, but in that we are not getting above mentioned attributes associated with an order like source and target which we can see in 'Context' in Planning book.


It is generating one standard structure based on how we created/configured planning book/data view and keyfigures in it but there is no option in this transaction to capture source and destination Or resource information from order data.


We are looking for solution by which we can send this information alongwith order details to HANA DB from APO planning book using transaction /SAPAPO/REPL or any other standard way.


This is against the OSS 415190 / 2016 for which SAP team said that currently nothing of that sort exists.





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