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Best run Projects run Sablono on SAP HANA
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Mar 16 2017
Process Innovator

Sablono enables Realtime Project Management in complex projects based on SAP HANA. It connects scheduling and workforce management in one combined solution allowing for an unprecedented level of detail.


Challenges we tackle


Enterprises in multiple industries require faster and deeper project insights in order take mission critical decisions in time and thereby avoid budget overruns. In todays world, the lack of timed and detailed knowledge on ongoing project status can lead to significant additional costs due to delays and can even result in lawsuits.


Our solution and value


With Sablono, enterprises across multiple industries get a unified project management solution to understand their projects’ performance in real time. 


  • Real-time Project Perfomance Insights and Analytics
  • Increased Project Transparency
  • Increased Collaboration across multiple Locations, Business Units and Teams

Learn more about Sablono's value in our Pitch Deck and see how the solution was adopted in complex projects like the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi and the Greenwich Peninsula in London.
You can also find the respective project reports here:
Louvre Abu Dhabi:
Greenwich Peninsula London:
As well as product demo video here:



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