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Mar 17 2017
Social Hero

The SHOUT Application helps to reach out to people on any device, any platform, any time instantly during an emergency. It allows immediate broadcasting of emergency messages to Facebook, Twitter, email, sms, Viber, WhatsApp and more. Post-event, you can analyze conversations on multiple social media channels e.g. Facebook, twitter etc, once the message is delivered and also propose appropriate responses to the chaos during any emergency. 

There is a lack of immediate mass emergency communication / broadcast by the right stakeholders and in times of emergencies, rather than clear, verified information and calls to action, you will normally find quick viral rumors on social media and unnecessary bad press which lead to more panic and negative results.

Using SAP HANA and UIB UE, municipal/regional/national authorities can instantly message residents and visitors in a given geographical area of impending disasters on multiple communications channels immediately.



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