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Improving Sugar Yield using smart SCP
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Mar 17 2017
Process Innovator

The objective of the solution based on HANA and SAP Cloud technology is to increase the sugar beet yield. The project is made up of three key parts, a field operations app, IoT in the harvesting process, and data-driven breed and cultivation advice. These elements come together to give farmers information about the entire growing and harvesting process, from cultivation problems and advice, to harvesting progress.

Field Operations App
A user-
friendly app for both farmers and Suikerunie’s specialists to register all parameters regarding a specific parcel by using map technology. Information ranges from diseases and cropping sequence, to parcel characteristics.

IoT in Harvesting & Logistics
All possible elements of the harvesting and logistic chain are equipped with sensors measuring humidity, temperature, [...]. e.g. by using 3D printers, artificial beets are added to the sugar beet stock piles.

Growth simulation and Farmer advice
In 2017, all information sources will be available to analyze and generate seed and growing advice based on the SAP HANA database and the connected Geo System and external data sources.


Field Measurement App

Suikerunie has 9,500 farmers in the cooperation and only 5 farming experts who advise farmers on optimizing the crop and harvest.

The app combines SAP and non-SAP data using the Geo Spatial engine of HANA to register measurements. The farming expert processes the measurement and the formal feedback that is provided via the Member Portal.

These measurements are the basis forthe big data based automated farming and seed advice.



IoT in harvesting and logistics


The second step in building big data farming is IoT data in harvesting and beet storage.


Using the LoRa network and IoT devices in the harvesting equipment, detailed information is retrieved. The quality of the beet rapidly decreases in harvesting and storage, therefore it is essential to shorten the lead time of the supply chain.


The IoT and Streaming engine in SAP Cloud Platform are used to process the data. A fiori (mobile) app is provided to give insight to Suikerunie, and both farmers and contractors.







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