SAP Idea Incubator is a crowdsourcing program that brings together customers with innovative ideas - and technical innovators creating prototypes using SAP HANA to quickly turn these ideas into reality. 

  • ● What is an idea?

    Anything that helps people better use the real-time, big data generated in the course of day-to-day work to support daily tasks. Examples:

    o Feasibility of personalized recommendations?
    o New algorithms for faster query speeds?
    o More insights from my data?
    o Admin tool between programs?

    ● Is data required?

    Data must be shared for every idea. Options:

    o Share your data in the submission form
    o Find public proxy data closest to ideal
    o Choose the private idea path, share the data in private

    ● Benifits

    o Quickly explore the technical feasibility of ideas.
    o Augment an in-house team or address a skills shortage.
    o Leverage crowd-sourcing with confidentiality.
    o Brainstorm implementation strategies.
    o Get working prototypes to deliver better business value.

  • ● What is a proposal?

    A short description of how an innovator plans to implement an idea. Recommend:

    o Show scientific merit.
    o Impact key innovation areas.
    o Meet customer’s idea expectations.
    o Be compatible with SAP HANA.

    ● Who could be an innovator?

    o Data experts and data scientists.
    o People with expertise in computer algorithms, data mining, computer science, natural language processing, statistics knowledge, and SAP HANA experiences.

    ● Benifits

    o Build personal skills, knowledge and expertise.
    o Understand and master innovative technology.
    o Apply knowledge by helping to solve real problems.
    o Work hands on with real data.
    o Get exposure to the broader business community.