How to Enter
Entry Submission Phase
DECEMBER 9,2016 - MARCH 17,2017
Choose a category and submit you entry about your SAP HANA or SAP Platform and Technology project.
Submit entry by 6pm PST on March 17.
Judging (Submissions closed)
MARCH 29,2017 - APRIL 11,2017
Judges score all qualified entries. The two entries with the highest score per category will be named winners.
Winners Announced
APRIL 19,2017
Winners recognized and showcased at SAPPHIRE NOW
To enter, simply follow these 4 steps:
Choose your Track and Category
Decide if you are submitting a customer project (customer is using a SAP solution) or a partner/startup (developed a commercial solution using an SAP solution validated by at least one customer). Then review the 2017 categories and judging criteria and determine where your story is best positioned. See more details here.
Prepare your Pitch Deck
Submitting a compelling and well-structured story is the best way to maximize your chances of winning. The Pitch Deck is a vital tool in preparing your entry and is required. You can refine and resubmit your Pitch Deck as many times as you like until the end of the submission period.
Download Template (PPT)
Complete the Entry Form
Along with the Pitch Deck, you must also complete an Entry Form that includes some basic information about your company, your entry and you (the submitter) and if you are submitting on behalf of a customer then provide the contact details for the participant
Submit your Entry
Once you have completed and reviewed both the Pitch Deck and the Entry Form, you are ready to submit. After you submit your entry, a representative from SAP will contact you to confirm and to ask any clarifying questions. If your entry meets the eligibility criteria, it will be published on the HANA Innovation Award website. You will then receive a link to your entry online with the ability to edit and publish any changes or additions before March 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM (PST).
Judging Criteria
Judges will review the entries from each entry Category and the two entries in each entry category with the highest score will win first and second place prizes. The criteria the judges will use to evaluate each entry includes the following:
  • Human impact - To what degree does the entrant’s solution impact to people’s(society) or employees/customers(business) lives?
  • Business or social value created - To what degree does the solution create business or social value. The focus for each depends on the category selected for the entry.
  • Creativity or Complexity of the Use Case - To what degree does your innovation demonstrate innovative thinking, creativity and complex application of technology to business challenges?
  • IT impact - To what degree has the entrant demonstrated innovation in the design and architecture of the solution?
  • Entry fit with Category - To what degree does the entry exemplify he criteria for the selected category?
This year SAP CSR team has selected the following charities to donate your prize to: