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  • R integration with SAP HANA As part of the R Integration series for SAP HANA, Philip Mugglestone begins the series of videos covering the R Integration for SAP HANA capabilities.
  • HANA Academy: Using SQL Trace Denys van Kempen examines various ways to configure SQL Trace within the SAP HANA Studio.
  • Connecting From Data Services to MySQL SAP HANA Academy - Explorer 2 of 6 - Connecting From Data Services to MySQL
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  • When SAP HANA met R
    Step by step instruction to do integration between R programming language and SAP HANA
  • Using SAP HANA to analyze Wikipedia data Use SAP HANA One and Lumira to analyze data to uncover some interesting observations about how people use Wikipedia.
  • Movie Recommendation engine on SAP HANA Read how Jin Yun and his team built a movie recommendation engine by leveraging R on SAP HANA, including all codes and a demo.