Turning Your Ideas into Reality SAP Idea Incubator connects a special innovator community to help customer experiment and invent on SAP HANA. Submit An Idea Browse Ideas
How It Works More
  • Customers submit ideas, SAP reviews ideas and share them with innovators.
  • Innovators submit proposal for customer; customers select the best proposal.
  • Customers and innovators develop working prototype on SAP HANA.
Featured Prototypes
  • Parental Control App at SAP TechEd Meetup Madhavan Rangarao explains the application he developed at the TechEd Meetup held in Palo Alto.
  • Buddy App at SAP TechEd Meetup Jeffrey Carpenter showcases the buddy app his team developed. It is meant to encourage safe driving habits by rating how you drive.
  • Parkinator App at SAP TechEd Meetup Accenture's Elaine Cheng, Swisscom's Lukas Lehmann, and SAP's Michael Wolowyk explain the technology behind the Parkinator App.