Your online channel for getting ideas into SAP products and solutions

What is Idea Place?

We are a team within SAP that helps setup and support product idea sessions, contests and other innovation campaigns run by SAP Employees.
We provide:

Innovation as a Service

  • Setting up innovation processes designed for success
  • Ongoing support and reporting on idea sessions and contests
  • Monitoring and communicating best practices

Innovation Management Platform

  • Administrating the platform that manages ideas
  • Creating idea sessions and sessions settings
  • Technical support

If you're an SAP Employee and would like to setup an idea session for your product or run a contest, please visit our Services Portal for more information.

What if I have an idea for a product that doesn't have an idea session?

Unfortunately, if you don't find the product you're looking for in our All Idea Sessions listing, it means they are not accepting customer ideas through Idea Place. That being said, there may be other channels to influence the product.

If a product does not have an idea session, DO NOT submit an idea for that product in any other session. It will not get to where you want it to go.

Other Ways to Influence SAP Products

Please find below an overview of SAP Influencing Channels, and related links.

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