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Posted by: Jennifer Segro on 05/07/2013 10:33:10 PM

To help us all get some more insight into our finalist teams, we asked Daniel Sanchez and Gary Longoria to answer a few questions about their involvement in the contest and the idea they submitted. This is our last blog regarding our finalists!  We are so excited for the finals at SAPPHIRE!  Stay tuned for our Grand Prize Winner!

Why did you get involved in the App Rumble?


We got involved in the App Rumble with Professor Leigh Jin.  She knew that together we had the experience to build a useful and successful mobile app, and encouraged us to work together.


How did you come up with your idea?  What makes you passionate about your idea?


We came up with the idea for our application through reading an article that Professor Jin had given us about using mobile technology to combat heart disease.  We realized that the data collected in measuring blood-sugar levels is often put into silos and that data could be analyzed to find and to predict trends and that this data would require HANA to be able to process and to make real-time recommendations. I (Gary) am diabetic and I have many friends and family members that suffer from diabetes and we believe that this app could help alleviate that suffering. We also started thinking about other medical conditions that affected our daily lives and the people around us.


Gary: Speaking for myself, I am passionate about the idea because I have first-hand experience with managing diabetes and know what kind of tools would be useful for diabetics, but aren't available on the market. I believe our app can change the diabetes care landscape and would be beneficial for anyone with the condition.


Did you get support from your school and/or professor?


Yes, we have been supported by our information systems professor. Professor Jin helped us hash out and articulate some of the ideas for the purpose and the functionality of the app.  San Francisco State University also has an SAP certificate program on campus and access to SAP development tools, which we have been able to take advantage of.


What did you learn during your process?


This was our first time ideating a mobile app; so, I think that I learned how to better use my imagination in developing a technological solution for a real-world problem.  We also learned about how to determine needs and solutions using Design Thinking, as well as how to present a mobile application for development and in-memory computing. 


Have you learned anything new about SAP?


We didn't know much about the SAP and its technologies until we began to research them, especially HANA and how it can be implemented as a solution to the world's largest problems. 

While researching and preparing the app idea submission, we also learned about the industries that SAP was involved in. We were surprised by how diverse the company was in the areas that they worked in.


What are you most excited for at SAPPHIRE?


We are most excited to see the demos of the other applications and meet everyone in person.  We are also eager to learn about the new tools that SAP has and what they can do. We are nervous and excited about presenting our app  idea at the conference!


Thanks to Daniel and  Gary for their input!  We look forward to the finals at SAPPHIRE!



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