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Your Intelligent Personal Dining Agent/Dietitian
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Where do you get food that satisfies your craving and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle?


           Dining is like marriage; it is not about finding the highest rated restaurant, but the ones that fit you the best. With globalization, we are surrounded by an overwhelming number of dining choices. In Los Angeles alone, there are 12,438 documented restaurants. According to the result of our research survey (http://form.jotform.us/form/30974958847172) to 62 people, 95% of them have had trouble finding restaurants that satisfy their taste buds. While they are open-minded toward different types of food, they are becoming more selective and health conscious – the dining experience and nutrition values are equally important (please refer to Appendix I & II). How can they make a sound restaurant decision and dishes selection in a short period of time with their stomach growling?

            Without any doubt, there are a number of mobile applications available to help people choose restaurants, such as Yelp and Urbanspoon, but have you ever experienced the following?

  • A highly-rated restaurant you find online did not provide you a pleasant dining experience like everyone else’s
  • Your favorite restaurant received a low rating simply because some reviews were strongly opinionated
  • You may not know what to order even if you are at the best restaurant in town
  • The wait staff may recommend the more expensive dishes to make more money

It is even harder to make a decision nowadays given the amount of historical and unreliable information that is thrown to you!

            DinE, a mobile application that leverages live and unstructured data available online to provide you with recommendations of restaurants, dish suggestions, and discount options (coupons, voucher websites, special offerings) with smart options to help achieve your diet goals. The recommendations are based not only on your preferences, but also on your historical eating habits, personal background, networks of friends and family, and nutrition/calorie needs. DinE has the power of searching restaurants and dish names in the restaurant reviews from people who share similar background with you to help you make the best decisions that satisfy your taste buds. The more personal information you choose to add, the more accurate DinE will be in choosing a list of restaurants that fit you the best. DinE is like your personal dining agent. It adapts to your unique situation and it is smart enough to be trained to better understand your personal needs as you use it frequently. With this app, you can:
  • Create personal profile with cuisine preference, demographical background, nutritional requirements and diet goals
  • Link user profile to social network account to capture all personal and historical dining information and check-ins
  • Find the local restaurants that fit you the most based on profile information and other diners with similar demographic background of yours
  • Receive customized and personalized recommendations for dishes and dish combinations
  • Find the best available discounts
  • Analyze everything you consume into a dashboard
  • Send alerts of any potential nutritional issues based on your personalized dashboard
  • Push notifications to your phone of suggested food or restaurants that help you balance your nutrition and stay health
  • Take the nutrition analysis into consideration for your next restaurant search

With our application in hand, you are confident enough to know the perfect restaurants and dishes that satisfy your cravings, nutritional requirements and diet whenever and wherever you are! 

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April Zeng
Mingbo Gong


University of Southern California - Fight on!

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Our goal is to develop a mobile application that leverages on live and unstructured data available online to provide you with recommendations of restaurants, dishes suggestions, and discount options. The recommendations are based not only on your preferences, but also on other diners who share the similar backgrounds of yours, your network of friends and family, and your nutrition/calories needs.

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