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BW: Convert basic cube type to multiprovider
Mar 12 2012
Not Planned by SAP

Does anybody know a way or workaround/function to convert an existing basic cube to multiprovider?

What lot of people have not realized is that, I think, there is a great need for such functionality especially for those shops who implemented BW starting from 1x, 2.x, 3.x (but now on 7.x) and most of their designs are using basic cubes. And now with 7.x and better advantages of using multiproviders on top of basic cubes (such as flexibity of adding another cube, or ODS or an infoset, improving the performance by logical partitioning, changes to underlying cubes that are pretty transparent to end/power users etc), it makes sense to use multiproviders.

But for those who already have cubes with millions of records and hundreds of queries (& workbooks) already being used everyday - it is a an expensive task to migrate users and their queries to a new multiprovider (not to mention the security/auth. related efforts). So I have been thinking what if there was a tool that will allow us to change the cube type from Basic to Multiprovider without affecting the queries already exist on it. Of course the process may not be as simple as one step but will also involve/prompt a name for new baisc cube and copy data from 'cube being converted' to 'new basic cube' (optional, I understand this can be manual step), automatically create the update rules from source (this also can be manual process) and finally change the cube type to multiprovider & assign the new basic cube as only data provider for the multiprovider. I don't think this is impossible techically but I just wanted to check first with such a vast & smart BW user group before I start writing my own tool.

For folks who might ask basic question as to why I need to convert basic cube to multiprovider instead of creating a new MP and copying the queries.. exactly for the same reason - to avoid copying queries and educating user group to use new queries. Copying queries creates brand new queries... all existing workbooks templates become absolute, web templates need changes etc. If there was a way to convert the cube type then the change would be transparent to users. Ofcourse I am not looking for totally automated process - like we still have to reload data to new basic cube etc...

I hope SAP is also reading/listening to this unique opportunity to help customers like us.

Any input greatly appreciated.





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