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1195974 - Crystal Reports List of Values is limited to 1000 values when reporting off a universe
Jan 19 2012

Reference: Knowledge Base Article# 1195974 - Crystal Reports List of Values is limited to 1000 values when reporting off a universe.



Universe has object 'Emp_Name' which has 15000 LOVs in Employee Names.

DeskI and WebI reports display all 15000 LOVs but Crystal Report when created on top of this Universe, displays only 1000 LOVs.

Provided Resolution and associated Limitations:

Resolution-1: Go to CMC -> Servers -> WebIntelligenceProcessingServer -> Properties -> List Of Values Batch Size (entries): change it from 1000 to 15000.

Limitation: With 20,000 reports hosted on the server, increasing the batch size will affect all the reports and the overall server performance.

Resolution-2:Create a Business View and fetching the LOVs directly from the database.

Limitation:We have 100 Crystal Reports created on top of this universe and we identified this issue now when the amount of data increased. We cannot go back and create new Business Views, Modify all 100 reports making them point to the BVs.

Possible Resolution, Recommendation, Suggestion or Enhancement Request:

1. If the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer lets WebI Fetch all 15000 LOVs in a WebI Report, then why does it restrict Crystal Reports from doing so? This should be fixed and just like WebI, CR should also be allowed to fetch all the LOVs without getting Batch Size limit into picture.

2. If I create a Crystal Report in Crystal Report Designer on top of a Universe, why does WebIntelligenceProcessingServer (WIPS) come into picture? This should go to LOV Cache Server.

3. Allow the Crystal Reports to create a Universe based prompt and LOVs based on Business Views, where use can select the LOV from BV and pass it to the Universe Prompt which can be passed to the universe to get data through the universe.



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