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Create a quotation/order-specific BOM on the fly
Nov 3 2011
Under Review

For companies operating in a "mass customization" mode (composing customized products from mostly standard components), it would be great to be able to create an line specific BOM directly from the quotation or order document. The functionality of the quotation-specific BOM dialog could be practically identical with the current BOM tool. However, instead of linking the created BOM to an item code permanently, if would only be linked to an order line (which of course has also information about the item to be produced). Now, having this BOM linked to a quotation line, once the sales order is booked, we could have the production order with a custom BOM generated directly from the sales order.

I know that the generation of production order from sales order will be a feature in B1 8.82, but enabling this order-specific custom BOM feature would make the application more attractive to the growing number of businesses doing mass customization.



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