Release of credit blocked sales order by the credit manager
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This is on idea for a iPhone app. A typical user would be a credit manager.

One main task of every credit manager is to decide on sales orders that got a automatic credit block by the system. These sales oders cannot be delivered, unless the credit manager decides to release them (so to say: he overules the system decision). Usually, credt managers have between 20-100 sales orders per day to decide on. In doing this, they follow a kind of 80/20 approach: In 80% of the case they feel comfortable to take a decision within a few seconds (provided that they have the appropriate information). In 20% of the cases a deeper and more thorough analysis is required.

The mobile app shall allow credit managers to check quickly and decide on credit blocked sales orders that are in the 80% group. Credit managers are usually not traveling so much, but they are not necessarily always at their desktop either. On the other hand, decisions on credit blocked sales orders have to be taken sometimes within 1-2 hours in order to avoid that the logistic supply chain is impacted (and the customers notices the fact that his order was blocked).

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Feedback from customers show that credit managers would love to have a small mobile app, that helps them to decide on 3-4 sales orders while rushing from one meeting to the next, for example.

Pain points addressed

Today the credit manager can only decide on credit blocked sales orders while he is at his desk. This can have negative impact on the supply chain / the relationship to the customer in case of time critical supplies.

With this mobile app the credit manager could decide on the large chunk of credit blocked sales order while being "on the go": in meetings, at another location of the company, at a training,...

Key features of the app, being delivered with an initial version on iPhone:

  • Provide a list of credit blocked sales orders of those customers for which a particular credit manager is responsible for. This is a kind of work list for the credit manager.
  • Show certain financial and credit related information (credit rating, payment behavior) of a particular customer that helps the credit manager to assess quickly if a release of the credit blocked sales order would be okay or may be not.
  • Provide a forward function for multiple selected credit blocked sales orders: If the credit manager can not decided on certain sales orders (no time, not enough information) he should be able to forward them to his colleague, for example.
  • General: Easy to use, a few seconds are enough to process a credit blocked sales order.

The first version of the app would be deliverd on iPhone. Later ports of the app to Android of other platforms would be a good idea.

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