Congrats to the Winners!

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This year, we received over 100 entries – a new record! The competition was intense and our esteemed judges have chosen the twelve finalists and the public has voted. Winners were announced at SAPPHIRE NOW on May 16th.

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Analytics Wizard Winners

Analytics Wizards are all about delivering real-time analytics to empower the workforce and customers.

1st place
Mercy, a 45-hospital system serving millions of patients annually, was able to analyze supplies and save $9 million across multiple procedures, improve operating room block utilization by 12%; and eliminate an auto-transfusion device from a number of cases. They were able to simplify processes and cut costs without adversely impacting the outcome of procedures.
2nd place
By consolidating multiple data sources, and by developing mathematical models and machine learning algorithms, China Customs is able to: Conduct real time fraud detection, and assign inspection officials to high value and high risk cases.
3rd place
Reuters re-launched the Polling Explorer solution, using the SAP HANA database, in order to process over 100 million survey results in its underlying database -- in real-time. The broader query support and speed enabled by SAP HANA has given publishers, reporters and the public the ability to use Polling Explorer to identify new trends and voter preferences far more efficiently than previous manual processes.

Digital Trailblazer Winners

Digital Trailblazers are harnessing Big Data/the Internet of Things for breakthrough results.

1st place
Leveraging SAPs Margin Assurance solution (with SAP HANA) has enabled Vodafone to obtain a granular view of customer profitability, and provide fast detailed analytical capabilities, in order to deliver significant value to the business. As such, Vodafone is able to identify tens of millions of previously unidentified revenue leakage points.
2nd place
By leveraging big data from different sensors and in-memory technology, the City Intelligence Operation Center in Nanjing China, worked with SAP to develop a system to provide real-time awareness and multi-dimensional analysis on speed, traffic flow, and traffic congestion -- as well as congestion discovery and traffic status prediction. City management officials can visualize traffic status and see the impact of policy changes, while citizens can understand the real time road condition and average travel time.
3rd place
France's biggest grain cooperative, Axereal -- which collects five million tonnes of grain from farmers across the country's bread basket, the vast Centre Val de Loire region -- use Meteo Protect's underwriting and pricing platform to ensure farmers are protected in the case of adverse weather conditions. Axereal branded Meteo Protect's web-based app "Garantie Alteo", and any cooperative member is now just five clicks away from purchasing index-based weather insurance easily, affordably, and when they need it.

Process Simplifier Winners

Process Simplifiers are operating business critical processes in real time.

1st place
Lenovo contracted with SAP, to help complete the IBM X86 server acquisition, and replace the legacy IBM supply chain networks. In so doing, they initiated a project to enable X86 manufacturing capability and built an E2E supply chain IT platform in Lenovo’s existing PC plants in the US, Mexico, and China.
2nd place
With SAP HANA, Zalando has dramatically accelerated payment processing, radically reduced business reporting times, and improved call center efficiency by as much as a third -- all while improving staff and customer satisfaction.
3rd place
Bundesdruckerei leveraged SAP HANA across the whole Secure ID process chain to drive: deep process integration, enhanced transparency in financials, improved efficiency in Human Resource Management, and accelerated role assignment procedures.

Next-Gen Apps Winners

Next-Gen Apps are all about building innovative apps using the SAP HANA Platform/SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

1st place
Stanford Medical School is combining clinical, wearable and genomics data to create the medical record of the future, thereby: Enabling a greater understanding of the gene/variant connection to disease; using clinical data from EMRs as a filter to prioritize genetic variants in the patient; and making it easy for clinicians to consume and navigate genomic data to provide decision support for diagnosis and treatment.
2nd place
The Aegro solution integrates data from different sources and lets farmers plan and control their crops in real time while maintaining a history of activities, observation, and incidences; thereby allowing them to achieve up to 40% productivity gains; assign and control farming activities; share farming records with specialists and agronomists; and decrease the time spent in planning, controlling, reporting and analyzing crop data.
3rd place
Building Radar uses search algorithms, natural language processing, data mining algorithms, and satellite imagery to identify, validate, and learn about new construction projects -- in order to provide construction sales leads for their customers.