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The product team for SAP BusinessObjects Supported Platforms wants your input on how to make the product better. Search for your idea first and if it's not there submit a new idea. Make sure to vote for other great ideas too!

For details on the idea acceptance process, please see the How This Works page.

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Database support for Actian ParAccel / A...
Hi A number of financial service...
Dean Farro...8/13/15 1:21am180
Support locales other than en_US.utf8 fo...
We run BOBJ 4.1 on Linux in Australia
Matt Ambag...8/10/15 5:17pm250
Azure support for SAP BPC Microsoft 10.1
Since Microsoft is pushing towards their...
Vincent Be...7/23/15 6:01am420
Bulk Updates are slower in SRS
Hi. This is in Ref to the incide...
Bhagyashri...5/13/15 3:13am1043
Add MS SQL 2012 support in Linux Support...
Hello, Can you add MS SQL 2012 s...
Simon Arse...5/8/15 2:47pm880
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