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The product team for SAP Business One wants your input on how to make it better. Please submit your ideas for new features and functionalities that could improve this product. Also consider voting for other ideas. Votes by customers and partners help us to prioritize which ideas make the most difference to those who use the products.

Submitted ideas are reviewed during the next review period. Ideas that meet the criteria for delivery are then developed for an upcoming release of the product. For more details on this process, please see the How This Works page.

Next Idea Review: March 2015
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For rollouts in other countries it would...
Olaf Borke3/30/15 10:07pm311
The database has been upgraded to a more...
Considering the new strategy in updating...
Sabine Lux3/30/15 9:15pm441
Streamline the Creation of Stock Countin...
When a user receives an alert for a cycl...
Robert Ric...3/30/15 7:58am130
HANA like feature on regular SAP Busines...
With the rise of SSD and massive amount ...
Jonathan B...3/30/15 7:45am130
SAP business one for windows app store
Seeing that the surface has become a pop...
Jonathan B...3/30/15 7:37am91
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