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The product team for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio wants your input on how to make the product better. Search for your idea first and if it's not there submit a new idea. Make sure to vote for other great ideas too!

For more details on the acceptance process, please see the How This Works page.

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Right now it is possible to initially lo...
Markus Mai...4/12/17 4:01am190
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Hi, Currently the conditional fo...
Mickael Ge...4/7/17 8:05am220
GeoMap: Zoom In / Zoom Out via script
Hi everybody,I think it is a necessi...
Dominik Ze...3/28/17 6:56am370
OData as data source
Hi,  At current stage use of dat...
Alfons Gon...3/24/17 3:15am310
Different CSS class for different levels...
We would like to have different formatti...
Viren Chaw...3/21/17 1:27am510
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