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The product team for SCN Innovation and Enhancements wants your input on how to make the product better. Search for your idea first and if it's not there submit a new idea. Make sure to vote for other great ideas too!

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Just wanted to give two cases who reach ...
Jogeswara ...12/18/15 1:39am680
SCN 12month Leader board entitlement
Just an ideaExclude scores earned th...
Jogeswara ...12/15/15 9:52pm1050
HANA - CREATE VIEW - support WITH clause
Please add WITH clause support for the C...
Zach Haupi...11/24/15 7:34am1140
SCN rules about translation
Hello!I was reviewing the SCN Ru...
Pedro Frei...10/29/15 3:10pm1440
Idea Place for SAP HANA
Please provide an Idea Place for SAP HAN...
Zach Haupi...10/26/15 1:02pm1801
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