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Congratulations to our grand prize winners and the three finalist teams. Click here for more info on their activities at Retail Forum!





Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at a University in the U.S. with a great idea for a mobile application?  If so, then SAP wants to hear from you!  Students are asked to take a design thinking approach incorporating the SAP Mobile Platform to submit ideas for the Retail App Rumble.  Ideas must fall within the retail industry, and can be business or consumer focused.  For more information on these topics, please refer to the Useful Links.  For the Official Contest Rules, click here.  Students must use one of the challenges outlined below:

  • How can mobility allow retailers to increase in-store security?
  • How can mobility eliminate paperwork for retail store managers and associates?
  • How can mobility assist customers in finding a helper or an expert?
  • Apps that tackle other challenges will be accepted as long as they are relevant to the retail industry.*

Students can be any major, either undergraduate or graduate.  Teams are allowed up to 2 members.  Three finalist teams will have the opportunity to work with SAP developers to build out their application.  Students are asked to submit their ideas using the steps of design thinking:

  1. Empathize - Understand the problem at hand
  2. Define - Research the problem and the topic
  3. Ideate - Come up with ideas that leverage mobile technology and real time data to solve the problem
  4. Prototype - Come up with the design and functionality of the solution, using any medium (paper, PowerPoint, white boards, etc.)
  5. Test - Survey the idea among users and gather feedback. Be sure to take advantage of this platform's functionality when performing this step.  You must do this step before you complete your entry.

Students must outline these steps in a double spaced page paper that may be up to 5 pages.  This paper must include an overview of their Design Thinking process, and any major references and citations.  No cover page is necessary.  Additional mediums are also highly encouraged (video, interviews, digital story-telling, etc.).  Be creative!!  The sooner you submit your idea, the more feedback you are likely to receive. The final date to submit an idea is Wednesday, September 18th, but the week leading up to that is crucial for fine tuning.  Be sure to promote your idea for votes and feedback among your own social network.**

Students submissions will be judged using these criteria: desirability, feasibility, viability, creativity.  The finalists will be asked to work with SAP, iVedha and their Cloud Dynamics environment to build out their final mobile application.  These finalists will win an all expense paid trip to Dallas, Texas to compete in the final competition at the SAP Retail Forum!  The grand prize winning team of this competition will win 2 iPads, along with the opportunity to continue their engagement with SAP to build out their final application product.


*Relevancy will be evaluated by SAP Retail experts.

**Votes will not play an official role in the judging process, but helps to create buzz and solicit feedback for your idea submission.

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