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The product team for SAP Global Trade Services wants your input on how to make it better. Search for your idea first and if it's not there submit a new idea. Make sure you vote on other great ideas too!

Ideas that meet the criteria for delivery are then developed for an upcoming release of the product. For more details on this process, please see the How This Works page.

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Display customs declaration from command...
# BackgroundIn GTS the transactions ...
Totte Lund...2/27/15 8:36am31
Mass Maintenance to delete documents fro...
# BackgroundIn customs declarations ...
Totte Lund...2/27/15 8:10am20
Do not use pricing date in preference de...
When the preference status is determined...
Oliver Hüt...2/25/15 4:28am50
GTS - Intrastat Reporting Support for Cr...
Since 1st of July 2013, Croatia is part ...
Alexandra ...2/17/15 2:54am290
Customs Document Reports
On all the customs document reports (blo...
Constance ...2/16/15 12:17pm170
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