How to get a SAP HANA instance to implement the prototype? 


In the idea description, the owner of the ideas will clear address if they will provide a SAP HANA instances.  If the customer provides the SAP HANA instance, the selected innovators will get more detailed instruction from customer to access the SAP HANA instance.


If the customer does not provide the SAP HANA instance, customers just share the data as a data file.  The innovators can get their own SAP HANA One instance on the Cloud, for example Amazon Web Service (AWS).  The selected innovators can upload the data into their SAP HANA server to build the prototype. 


SAP HANA One Information


SAP HANA One: Get the full set of SAP HANA features on a subscription basis. This is our simplest entry point for SAP HANA and perfect for department scale projects, system integrators, independent software vendors, and innovative startups.  We recommend the innovators to get your own SAP HANA One instance to use and learn SAP HANA.


Breakthrough Platform 
in the Public Cloud

SAP HANA One is the only 
in-memory platform combining 
transactional and analytical processing together, enabling real-time business in the cloud.

Get Started

Do it yourself and pay as you go! Provision a 
60GB SAP HANA One instance 
and get started immediately.

Design to Run Time 
in No Time!

There is no faster way to 
take your solutions to 
production deployment 
than with SAP HANA One 
in the cloud.